Wire EDM Overview

Wire EDM

Electrical Discharge Machining or EDM is an extremely accurate method of machined part production and wire EDM technology can be an essential element for high tolerance parts and repeatable tooling. With the Electrical Discharge Machining process, the capability exists to machine all conductive materials, including exotic metals such as Titanium, Hastaloy, Kovar, Inconel, Tantalum, Waspaloy, complex stainless steels, high nickel alloys, hardened tool steels, carbide and many other tough to machine materials.

Wire EDM saves time and is a competitive machining process recognized as a production process for aerospace, medical and electronics industry applications, but must not be overlooked for short run, fast completion applications such as prototypes, simple punches & dies and successful machining almost impossible profiles.

Wire EDM is ideal for medical components, surgical tools, implants, X-ray and CT scan diagnostic equipment, avionics, navigation and engine components in aircraft, semiconductor components and tools critical for computer chip making. Since wire EDM allows multiple parts to be nested or stacked for optimum material use and faster cutting. Simple, flat shapes used in any application and sometimes being stamped, can also be produced using Wire EDM. When machining using Wire EDM, parts can be produced repeatedly to your required specifications while achieving a superior quality part with burr free edges to close tolerances and will be produced at a competitive price.

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