Alloy Steel

Alloy steels are those to which significant percentages of manganese, chromium, nickel, molybdenum, vanadium or silicon are added. They form a series of high quality, high strength materials and are used in applications where service requirements are severe and thermal treatments are required.

Low Carbon Alloy Steel

8620 E8620
86L20 8620 Bismuth
E4320 4820
E3310 E9310
E9310 VAR

Medium Carbon Alloy Steels

4130 4140
E4140 41L40
4142 41L42
4150 4150 MRS HT
4340 E4340
E4340 VAR E6150
E8740 E.T.D. 150
E4130 E4145M
4330 V MOD 8630 MOD

High Carbon Alloy Steel