Copper Nickel Alloys

We are a leading Copper-Nickel source, distributing Copper-Nickel in all configurations currently available in the market. As a leading Copper-Nickel source, we have a vast and extensive knowledge base of information concerning Copper-Nickel.

Copper-Nickel alloys are categorized in the C70000 to C72900 numeric range with nickel contents between 3% and 33%. Nickel silvers follow in the numeric sequence C73000 to C79200, but contain no silver having only a silver shine to them. As to form, in general, the copper alloys noted above are available in rods (round bar), bars (square, rectangular, hexagon), shapes (custom, oval, half round) and many available in sheet, plate or castings.

C706 Copper Nickel 90/10 C754 Nickel Silver, 65-15
C715 Copper Nickel 70/30
C757 Nickel Silver, 65-12
C745 Nickel Silver, 65-10

Copper-Nickel- Zinc Alloys

C752 Nickel Silver, 65-18 C792 Leaded Nickel Silver