Wrought Bronze Alloys

Wrought bronze alloys are produced primarily by extrusion mills or rolling mills and the process will yield the desired shape of the final product. Those shapes include bar stock, plate, sheet, tube or rod stock.


C510 Phosphor Bronze 5% A C651 Low Silicon Bronze B
C521 Phosphor Bronze 8% C C655 Silicon Bronze
C534 Phosphor Bronze B-1 C673 Leaded Silicon-Manganese Bronze
C544 Phosphor Bronze B-2 C67410 Silicon - Manganese- Aluminum Bronze
C614 Aluminum Bronze C675 Manganese Bronze
C623 Aluminum Bronze 9% C676 Copper Zinc
C630 Nickel Aluminum Bronze (AMS 4640) C693 Eco Brass
C63020 Aluminum Bronze C694 Silicon Red Brass
C632 Aluminum Bronze C729 Nickel Bronze
C642 Aluminum Bronze (AMS 4634B)