C180 Nickel-Chromium-Silicon Copper

C180 is an economical heat treatable copper based alloy with excellent properties that are gained through heat treating. Those properties are a combination of high hardness, strength and wear resistance with a fairly high degree of electrical and thermal conductivity.

Typical Industry Applications:

Resistance Welding Tips, Resistance Welding Wheels and Fixtures, Stud Welding Collets and Tips, Sprue Bushing, Cavities for Injection Molds, Hot runner Systems for Injection Molds, Welding Dies for Wire and Flash, Blow Pins, Pinch Offs, Mold Cavities for Bold Molds, Blow Pins, Pinch Offs, Mold Cavities for Bold Molds, Cores, Core & Ejector Pins for Injection Molds, Plunger Tips for Metal Die Casting Machines, Heat Sink Inserts in Steel Plastic Molds

  • Resistance welding wheels, tips and fixtures
  • Injection molding parts such as runner systems, sprue bushings, cores, ejector pins.
  • Blow molding parts such as mold cavities, blow pins

Specifications (typical, but not limited to):
  • RWMA CL3
Generally Available Forms:
  • Bar
  • Sheet
  • Plate
  • Strip