Copper Rod

We are a leading Copper source distributing copper in all configurations currently available. As a leading Copper source, we have a vast and extensive knowledge base of information concerning Copper & Specialty Copper Alloys.

Almost 300 copper alloys and wrought coppers are known in North America and this figure does not include over 100 standard cast copper alloys. All copper alloys are categorized in numeric ranges based on copper content (percentage) and the remaining, specific alloying metals used to make alloys for a wide variety of applications. Copper alloys with designations in the numeric range of C10100 to C15999 are those that are pure, or nearly pure, having a copper content of 99.3% or above. The types included in this family are C10200 oxygen free, C11000 electrolytic tough pitch (ETP) and C12200 phosphorus deoxidized (DPH) copper.

We can offer one of the largest selections of varieties, configurations & quantity of copper currently available. Request a Copper Quote for additional information concerning the Copper products we have to offer.

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