Stack of Brass Bars

We are a leading Brass source, distributing brass in all configurations currently available. As a leading Brass source, we have a vast and extensive knowledge base of information concerning Brass Alloys.

Brass is a part of the copper alloy family with primarily zinc added as the major alloying material and is represented in the numeric range of C20000 to C29999. With the addition of lead to the above, the leaded alloys emerge, including leaded brass and are categorized in the C30000 to C39999 range. Tin brasses complete this category in the numeric range of C40000 to C49999.

We can provide a significant variety of brass configurations & quantities to meet your requirements. Request a Brass Quote for additional brass supply information.

C220 Commercial Bronze
C268 Yellow Brass
C230 Red Brass
C270 Yellow Brass
C240 Low Brass
C280 Muntz Metal
C260 Cartridge Brass