C464 Naval Brass

C464 is “lead free" and has excellent corrosion resistance to seawater at all temperature ranges, while maintaining strength. Very good for hot forming as well as hot forging. Good for drawing, forming, bending and heading and is resistant to wear, fatigue, galling and stress corrosion cracking. It is readily soldered, brazed and welded.

Typical Industry Applications:
  • Hardware including nuts, bolts, rivets, bushings, lock pins
  • Marine equipment including propeller and pump shafts
  • Decorative fittings
  • Wear plates
  • Tube sheets for heat exchangers
  • Valve stems & parts
  • Aircraft and missile components
Specifications (typical, but not limited to):
  • ASTM B21
  • ASTM B124
  • ASTM B171
  • ASTM B283
  • QQ-B-639
  • QQ-B-637
  • SAE J461
  • SAE J463
  • AMS 4611
  • AMS 4612
Generally Available Forms:
  • Sheet
  • Plate
  • Flat Bar
  • Rod