High Copper Alloys

We are a leading High Copper alloy source distributing High Copper in all configurations currently available. As a leading High Copper Alloy source, we have a vast and extensive knowledge base of information concerning High Copper Alloys.

High copper Alloys are those having a copper content of 96% to 99.3% and are designated in the numeric range of C16200 to C19199. This family range includes cadmium, beryllium and chromium coppers.

We can offer one of the largest varieties, configurations & quantities of High Copper Alloys currently available in the market. Request a High Copper Alloy Quote for additional information concerning the High Copper Alloy products we have to offer.

C162 Cadmium Copper
C181 Chromium-Zirconium-Magnesium Copper
C165 Cadmium-tin Copper
C18135 Chromium-Cadmium Copper
C170 Beryllium Copper
C18150 Chromium-Zirconium Copper
C172 Beryllium Copper
C182 Chromium Copper
C173 Beryllium Copper
C184 Chromium Copper
C174 Beryllium Copper
C187 Leaded Copper
C175 Beryllium Copper
C191 Nickel Copper w/Tellurium
C17510 Beryllium Copper
C19150 Leaded Nickel Copper
C180 Nickel-Chromium-Silicon Copper