Tantalum is a refractory metal with unique electrical, chemical, and physical properties and is remarkably resistant to attack by air, water and most acids therefore very resistant to corrosion. It is used mostly as tantalum metal powder in the production and is most often used as an alloy with other metals.

Typical Industry Applications:
  • Capacitors for electronics equipment such as mobile phones, DVD players, computers
  • Cemented carbide tools for metal working
  • Aerospace industry including jet engine components
  • Surgical equipment
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Medical equipment for implants, bone repair, skull plates and wire mesh
Specifications (typical, but not limited to):
  • Bar - ASTM B865, QQ-N-286
  • Sheet & Plate - ASTM B865, QQ-N-286
  • Rod & Wire - AMS 4676
Generally Available Forms:
  • Sheet
  • Plate
  • Round bar
  • Tubing
  • Pipe
  • Wire