C182 Chromium Copper

C182 is a copper alloy with good hardness and electrical conductivity brought about by a combination of heat treatment and cold work. Chromium copper is useful for electrical applications where resistance to deformation at high temperature is necessary.

Typical Industry Applications:
  • Electrical conductors requiring strength greater than standard copper
  • Electron tube grid side rods
  • High temperature contacts and switch gears
  • Electric motor and generator components.
  • Electrical connectors and cable
  • Circuit breaker parts
  • Wear plates on heavy equipment
  • Heat sinks
  • Shafts and arms that carry current
  • Plastic mold components
  • Spot welding, resistance welding and flash welding tips and electrodes
Specifications (typical, but not limited to):
  • RWMA CL2
Generally Available Forms:
  • Flat bar
  • Plate
  • Round bar
  • Tube